I love leading singers workshops, working with young singers and giving back!  I am currently part of the Ravina REACH*TEACH*PLAY program for the past 6 years, performing live, interactive jazz music in Chicago and Chicagoland schools.  The singer’s workshops I lead are high energy, interactive and approx 2 hour long.  The most recent workshop I lead was at the “The School of Rock” in Plainfield, IL focusing on the mind, body, spirit connection.

BOOK MY SINGER’S WORKSHOP  – Contact me at: or call 708-478-8393

Here is what I will cover in my two hour workshop…

- I will share my experience as a full-time professional singer, entertainer and recording artist for 25 years, I will talk about the steps I took to get to this “place” including information on club gigs, jobbing, jingles, studio work, and the avenues I used to get my music in radio, TV and movies.

- What it means to really “sing” – mind, body and spirit. Singing goes beyond the ability to sing in pitch, having good technique, projecting, or having an attractive tone. It is a full body, mind, spirit experience when you’re using your gift in full. I will show you how to tap into the full experience of singing.

- One-on-one coaching: Depending on the size of the class, for the second hour of my two hour workshop, I normally ask for  5 singers/volunteers.   In front of the class, I provide “One on One” coaching, pin pointing the students strengths and offer tools, exercises and techniques to work on areas of the voice that need improvement.    For classes with 12 students or less,  I am normally able to hear all students individually in front of class and offer each individual ways to expand their skill set.

- Performance: Understanding the art of letting go and surrendering to the present. We will talk about why this is important and how it lends to being a better singer.

- What to expect as a singer in the real world.

- Energy Matters: It’s there, is real – how to tap in on stage, studio or wherever you happen to be and why this is important as a singer.

- Art of working the mic.

- Stage presence – On an actual stage and in a real performance setting, I will show you, how to get the most out of the time you spend on stage, how to make the connection with your audience and how to give an honest performance.

- Band interaction – Musicians have a language all their own on stage during a performance. Learn about the unspoken communication that goes on.

- Etiquette – between musicians during a performance.

 ANY QUESTIONS:  Please contact / Lisa at

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