Before my long and spirited career in music, my childhood dream included visions of painting alongside the Seine River in Paris wearing a raspberry beret with music that moved my heart playing in the distance while I created a masterpiece. Always a dreamer, in grammar school I was known to doodle and write song lyrics during class. My artistic nature continued at home with sprays of colorful photos and posters of music icons covering my walls. My favorite wall decoration was my precious Norman Rockwell (20th-century American painter and illustrator) calendar given to me by my Aunt. I would lie on my bed, studying, in amazement, the detail and realism of his work. My love and talent for art had room to flourish in grammar school and high school where we had excellent art programs and teachers. One of my favorite teachers took me under her wing and helped me get a scholarship to the Chicago Art Institute where I grew leaps and bounds as an artist and as a young lady.

Now as an adult, relishing the worldly experiences a career in music brings, my creativity flows through the bristles of a paintbrush creating abstract contemporary fine art. I find all these years later, the focus of my painting is not on extreme detail, but on the excitement of mood, energy, motion, colors, and shapes that appear in my work. Many times when I put the brush in my hand and approach the canvas, I have no preconceived ideas of what the final creation will be. I strive to remain an open vessel and let my subconscious lead the way. Painting, like my music, is a spiritual experience for me. My hope is that the spirit in me connects with the spirit within the viewer.

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