I sing in every sense of the word—mind, body and spirit! My first language has always been music, the language of the soul. Singing has been my primary life vehicle. It’s been a fulfilling, full-time career for more than 25 years and the spiritual journey through which most of my life lessons have been learned so far. Nothing compares to putting your spirit into a song and singing your heart out or sharing that special musical space with someone else. In my experience, the spiritual component to my career in music, therefore in life, has been the key to anything one might frame as “success.”  I see myself as a conduit of expression and feel lucky to continue making a living doing what I love!

With my voice, along with a gift of awareness and an empathic, sensitive, and intuitive nature, I move through the world absorbing my surroundings with an ever-growing passion for “figuring it out.” My creative expressions, music and other endeavors are designed to ignite the spark that lives in all of us. Just as it was throughout my childhood, I am continually moved to offer interpretations—to those who are interested—of what I see, learn and experience using my voice, music, or art to express it. My creative canvas has grown from songs and lyric to now including art/paintings, and my “Beautiful Mess®” gift and apparel line, all of which highlight the underlying messages of “We are all broken,” “Love your imperfections,” and “Own it!” to name only a few.

I strive for healthy, mindful living, and I believe we all have unique gifts and a specific purpose. My music and art reflect this thinking. I believe it is important to make the time to know our true selves, looking closely at our actions and choices, and making sure both align with our true purpose.

I love learning, being challenged and looking for creative scenarios that will allow or push me to grow. I get tremendous joy from gently helping others tap into their higher consciousness (spiritual or energetic awareness) and helping others to find their gifts and purposes in life. By doing so, I feel I have served MY purpose. This is truly my greatest reward!

The Early Years

Crawling out of the deep and getting back to where the music started, my mom says I responded to music by the age of 2, singing and dancing next to a radio whether it was on or off.  At age 7 my grandmother recognized and celebrated that I could play a melody on her piano after hearing it just moments before on the radio, never having had a music lesson and knowing absolutely nothing about the theory of music or the instrument itself at that time. Shortly thereafter, I was put into formal piano lessons with the focus on theory, however my ear would learn the music at lighting speed while my eyes (i.e., reading the page) would be left in the dust. Clearly, I was an auditory learner. My music teacher would play a song once or twice and I would be able to play the song by ear. Being an impatient 7-year-old, for the next several years I would innocently cheat my way through most of my piano lessons simply mirroring what I heard and pretending to read the music while I played. What kid wouldn’t at least try to take the easy way out in this situation? Ha!

My First Band

Playing the piano lead me to join a rock band at age 15 where I later became the lead singer. My interest in piano fell to the wayside once I experienced the tremendous joy of expressing myself through my voice. I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt THIS was what I was supposed to do with my life: SING! How does a shy, polite teenager come to life with power  and begin firing on all cylinders? You line her up with her calling! I am going to stop here a moment…

Rather than make a long list of cool career accomplishments here, I am going to raise a question far more important than the accomplishments themselves:

What Is A Singer Anyway?

Having been a professional singer for over 25 years now, my definition of a singer has changed and grown over the years. The question “What is a singer?” has resurfaced today in my life and I feel it’s time to take inventory of my current definition.

When one is singing—I mean TRULY singing—it goes beyond singing in tune, having good technique, projecting, or having an attractive tone. It is a full body, mind, and spirit experience when you’re using your gift in full. In my opinion, a singer’s job is to master the art of letting go, surrendering to the present and then tapping into the energy on stage, studio or wherever the singer happens to be.

In addition, we are responsible for managing our own energy and then bringing it to every scenario: stage, studio, or otherwise. We must silence the ego and be an open channel—to be the conduit for the message and let the emotion of the song come through. When it is real for us, it is real for the listener.

Below are some of my career highlights.